High Protein ChocolateIn this ChocoWhey Nuggets review, I’ll explain why ChocoWhey Nuggets is such a terrific way to get some high-protein chocolate and satisfy those cravings, too.

I’ve spent years, over thirty years actually, learning about proper nutrition, natural foods and natural healing. I’m a firm believer that we can only look and feel as good as the foods we give our bodies.

As a woman, you want to feel energetic, youthful, beautiful and strong. You don’t want to feel sluggish and tired, you don’t want to constantly battle your weight and you don’t want to deny yourself good food. If you’re like me, you don’t want to give up your chocolate, either! I tried all kinds of high protein chocolate and ChocoWhey Nuggets is the best of them all.

Forget About Those High Protein Chocolate Drinks

Not too long ago, the media was abuzz with the news that chocolate is a great ingredient for muscle nourishment after a workout. It does need to be a high protein chocolate, though, in order to deliver the right kind of nourishment to your muscles.

Suddenly the market was loaded with all kinds of high protein chocolate drinks (most of them very expensive!) that were supposed to be great for you. The marketing hype was great, but the drinks aren’t as healthy as they say they are. Most are absolutely loaded with sugar or unhealthy sugar alcohols that are extremely bad for you. They cause your blood sugar to spike, which makes you feel energetic for a short time, but then causes you to crash just as quickly. This can lead you to reach for stuff like candy, soda or coffee for a quick pick-me-up.

Those “Healthy” Energy Bars are No Better

I don’t know about you, but I’ve eaten a lot of those so-called healthy energy bars and high protein chocolate bars, thinking I was doing something good for my body (and getting my chocolate fix, I admit it). It wasn’t until I really looked at the labels and researched the ingredients that I realized I was eating something that was no better than a Snickers bar.

If you’ve read my blog post on Dr. Oz’s 4 Biggest Dieting Mistakes, you know what he had to say about these protein bars. It was a segment on his Dr. Oz show that spotlighted four really common mistakes dieters make and one of them was relying too much on these protein bars. As he put it, “A lot of the times, when they’re making these protein bars, they’re putting a lot of sugar in there and they’re packing it with calories, often fat calories. You don’t need that.”

ChocoWhey Nuggets are Completely Guilt-Free

ChocoWhey Nuggets, also known as nibs, are made with the purest, organic ingredients and they have none of the things that make the high protein chocolate drinks or protein bars so unhealthy. ChocoWhey Nuggets have:

  • No sugar alcohols
  • No artificial sweeteners
  • No synthetic additives
  • No gluten
  • No MSG
  • No hormones
  • No pesticides
  • No GMOs
  • No casein
  • No soy

Made From the Best Chocolate Whey Protein

ChocoWhey Nuggets are made by Defense Nutrition, the same company that makes the amazing Warrior Whey Protein Powder. You can check out my review of Warrior Whey, which I rely on for my protein shakes. I also have a blog post on making terrific protein shakes if you’d like some great recipes.

I have a Warrior Whey protein shake every morning and usually have a serving of ChocoWhey Nuggets later on before or after my workout.

Warrior Whey, the ingredient used to make ChocoWhey Nibs, is made from the finest whey protein available. It’s completely organic, made from the raw milk of pasture-fed cows and one of the purest proteins you can find. ChocoWhey Nuggets also contain the finest organic cocoa. The cocoa liqueur is extracted from hand- roasted creolo beans, which gives the nuggets this really rich, layered flavor that tastes slightly of roasted nuts, even though there are no nuts in them. The flavor is honestly good enough to make you forget about eating regular chocolate again. Believe me, I’m a chocoholic and a real snob when it comes to chocolate treats.
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A Great Snack for Your Workouts

As I said earlier, I usually snack on these either right before or right after a good workout, especially if I’m strength-training. Before my workout, they give me energy and after my workout they nourish and replenish my muscles. Several studies have shown the benefits of chocolate for actually helping to build and nourish muscles.

As it says on the Defense Nutrition website, “A recent study at the James Madison University, published at the American College of Sports Medicine, revealed that athletes consuming chocolate such as in ChocoWhey™, had significant reduction in levels of the creatine kinase, an enzyme indicator of muscle damage. ChocoWhey™ provides the combined nutritional benefits of dark chocolate and non-denatured whey protein.”

I’m not the only one, apparently, who uses ChocoWhey Nuggets for a pre-workout or post-workout snack. One of the testimonials for ChocoWhey Nuggets (from the product page) says, “On advice of Ori and Chad Waterbury, I eat 3-4 nuggets about 10-15 minutes before my early BJJ training. It really is a great pre workout food. No digestion issues and good energy.”

Where to Find ChocoWhey Nuggets

I buy ChocoWhey Nibs directly from Defense Nutrition. They have the best price and when I order it directly from them, I know that I’m getting the freshest product. Plus, they have free shipping no matter how small your order is, which saves me a lot of money.

High Protein ChocolateHere’s a picture of the ChocoWhey Nuggets, taken from the Defense Nutrition website. As you can see, each 8-ounce bag comes with individually wrapped nibs. They’re great to toss in your purse or desk drawer for a quick snack, or even in your kids’ lunchboxes for a high protein chocolate treat.

The ChocoWhey Nibs in dark chocolate are my favorite. However, if you prefer milk chocolate, that variety is also available in the nibs.

They also have ChocoWhey Bars, which are tremendously good. They’re much healthier energy bars than the commercial ones, even the gluten free energy bars. They’re dieter friendly and diabetic friendly, because they’re not loaded with unnecessary fats and sugars. The bars come in plain, almond, coffee, macadamia nut or in super crunch, which is chocolate, but with a crispy, crunchy texture  rather than chewy.

But it doesn’t stop there. The ChocoWhey also is available in ChocoVegan. The choices are still the same. You can get either the nibs or the bars, in the same flavors, and both vegan and non-vegan bars can be purchased by the box for you convenience.

Ordering from Defense Nutrition

You can order your ChocoWhey™ Nuggets right from the Defense Nutrition website. The ordering page is very secure and you can use a debit or credit card safely on the site. Just choose which flavor you’d like and how many, enter your shipping information and payment details and they’ll have it to you in just a few days.

high protein chocolateIf you want to remain health conscious and need to find healthy chocolates that actually taste amazing, you really need to try the ChocoWhey™ Nuggets. They’re really that good. They usually run some sort of special on the site and with free shipping they’re a super bargain, so go order a bag today. Don’t take my word for it; you really have to taste these for yourself.
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