organic facial cleanserThis Lily Organics review will explain my search for a pure, all natural facial cleanser and why Lily Organics are now the only products I’ll use.

Like me, you’ve probably spent a lot of time and money trying to find anti-aging and other skin care products that actually work. If you have especially dry skin, or like me, have sensitive skin, the task is even harder.

You try product after product and end up with a lot of wasted money and a lot of mostly-empty jars. I spent a lot of time researching and looking for an organic facial cleanser before I found Lilly Organics. I believe in keeping things as natural and pure as possible, including my skin care products. I also try to keep my skin care routine as simple as I can, using just a few products whenever possible. I’ve been able to do that with Lily Organics.

Lily not only has the organic facial cleansers I was searching for, but organic facial toners and organic facial moisturizers. I use all three in my daily skin care routine and I couldn’t be happier. Let me explain why these Lily Organics products are so special.

The Only USDA Certified Organic Skin Care Products

First of all, Lily Organics is the only skin care line that is USDA Certified organic grower, and it has been for years. You know what this means? You are buying directly from the grower not from a company who you don’t even know where their ingredients are even sourced from or who their manufacturer is.

Lily pioneered organic skin care in this country and the way that they produce these products is just unheard of.

Every product is made from ingredients that are actually grown right on Lily’s Colorado farm. If you visit the Lily Organics website, you can see pictures of the herb, flower and vegetable gardens that produce all of the wonderful ingredients for Lily Organics skin care. Lily still gets out there and works those gardens herself and I love reading her blog to learn how she makes her products and what’s going on in her gardens.

Fantastic Skin Care That’s as Safe as it is Effective

I switched to using all organic skin care products because of what I’d learned about the chemicals in commercial skin care lines and the way our skin absorbs those chemicals.

Many people don’t realize that we absorb so many chemicals through our skin, but it makes sense, doesn’t it? We use lotions and moisturizers specifically because our skin does absorb them. Unfortunately, those skin care products often contain harmful chemicals such as paraben, pesticides and other unhealthy ingredients. Our skin absorbs these poisons right along with the ingredients we’re using to make our skin healthier.

In a recent interview in the London telegraph, Richard Bence said that the average woman absorbs five pounds of chemicals from her make-up each year. Five pounds!

Mr. Bence is a well-known biochemist who spent three years testing and researching conventional skin care products. In the interview, he said “We really need to start questioning the products we are putting on our skin and not just assume that the chemicals in them are safe. We have no idea what these chemicals do when they are mixed together, the effect could be much greater than the sum of the individual parts.”

Mr. Bence is a strong advocate of organic skin care and makeup products, because he believes that absorbing chemicals through our skin is even more dangerous than swallowing them.

He said, “If lipstick gets into your mouth it is broken down by the enzymes in saliva and in the stomach. But chemicals get straight into your bloodstream, there is no protection.”

It was this type of information that convinced me that I needed to go completely organic with my skin care. At first, I made my own cleanser, lotion and toner, but it was really time consuming and it could get really expensive, too. I really wanted to find something that was as pure as what I made at home, but ready to use.

I read a number of Lily Organics reviews before I finally ordered a trial pack for myself. After just a week or so, I was convinced that Lily Organics was the best product available.

As I said, I mainly use three Lily organics products, the organic facial cleaner, the organic facial toner and the organic facial moisturizer. Although I also use some of the other products from time to time, these are my mainstays, so let me tell you more about each of them.

Lily Organics Organic Facial Cleanser

Lily Organics’ facial cleanser is completely free of detergents. It’s made from almond Oil and essential Oil of sage for their cleansing and toning properties and also has tea tree oil for its antiseptic qualities. There’s also lavender in it, straight from Lily’s herb garden.

Because the organic facial cleanser has no detergents, it doesn’t strip your skin at all. In fact, it leaves your skin pH perfectly balanced. Your skin just feels fresh and clean and very supple.

Lily Organics Facial Toner

The Lily Organics Facial Toner is a wonderful product. I use it in the mornings, after I use the facial cleanser. I use the unscented toner for sensitive skin because my skin is very sensitive indeed. Lily also offers a Balancing Facial Toner and an Organic Rose Facial Toner. The toners contain comfrey, which is considered the best ant-aging ingredient in the world. It’s a cell proliferate, which means that it actually helps generate new cells and actually “re-knits” your skin.

Look at some of the other great ingredients in this toner:

  • Eucalyptus to soothe and energize the skin
  • Lily and Aloe for their healing ability
  • Chamomile for reducing inflammation and smoothing rough skin

This is just a great product and it leaves my skin feeling really fresh and invigorated.

Lily Organics Facial Moisturizer

The Lily Farm Fresh Skin Care facial moisturizers come in a few great varieties. I use the Kukui lotion for sensitive skin, but there is also a balancing facial lotion, an oil-free version and a lavender one. I’ve heard they’re all wonderful, but I stick with the Kukui because of my skin’s sensitivity.

One of the things that I love about the facial moisturizer is that a little bit goes an awfully long way. These products are really well-priced, cheaper than a lot of drugstore brands, but they last for a really long time.

The moisturizer isn’t the least bit greasy and it doesn’t make your skin shiny like many products will. It has primrose oil, which is a wonderful anti-inflammatory ingredient; it helps to heal and regenerate your skin cells. It also contains a number of other wonderful ingredients:

  • Rosehip Seed Oil to replenish the skin’s moisture
  • Horsetail and Coltsfoot to assist in cell proliferation.
  • Essential Oil of Ylang Ylang, used in aromatherapy and included for its beautiful scent.

These three products are all I need to use to look and feel wonderful. My skin is clear, smooth, supple and very evenly toned, just by using these three inexpensive products. I use all three of them every morning. My skin care routine and my Warrior Whey protein shake are my morning must-haves. If I get those in, I’m good for the day!

You Can Try It Before You Decide

One of the great things about Lily Organics is that right now they’re offering these really inexpensive trial packs. This lets you try a few different varieties so that you can find out which products are best for your particular skin. The trial packs include an organic facial cleanser, toner and moisturizer and it’s enough to last you at least a couple of weeks.

organic skin careYou can see the Lily Organics beautiful farm and read more about their products on their website

If you’ve been looking for true organic skin care that actually makes your skin look beautiful and feel great, I would really recommend you check out the trial pack offer. It’s the best way to test out this wonderful skin care line and once you try it you’ll never go back to commercial products again!

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