Gluten Free NoodlesIn this Miracle Noodles review, I’ll tell you what’s so awesome about these gluten free noodles, where you can buy Miracle Noodles and how to cook them!

When you’re trying to lose weight or even maintain your healthy weight, you usually have to give up some good stuff that you really love. It’s one of the obstacles to healthy weight loss: you love food and you want to enjoy what you eat, but you also want to be healthy and slim.

For me, one of the biggest sacrifices is pasta. I truly love all kinds of pasta and when I’ve been on a diet, it was pasta that I missed most. I wish I had known about Miracle Noodles gluten free noodles a long time ago. I would have been a lot happier!

Miracle Noodles Have Been All Over The Media

If you haven’t heard of Miracle Noodles, you must not have been watching TV, surfing the net or reading popular magazines as much as you think. They’ve been written up in Shape Magazine, Men’s Health and several other publications. They’ve been on several news shows. They were even featured on the Rachel Ray show, which is where I first heard about them.

Celebrity chef Rocco DiSpirito was on the show to talk about his “must-have foods” of 2010. As he explained to Rachael and the audience, “”These are noodles that have no carbs and no calories. When they come out of the bag, you just have to rinse off the water they come in and just throw them into a big pot of hot broth with whatever garnishes you want. They don’t need to cook, they’re already cooked, and they never overcook!”

You can watch the video clip for yourself and see the Miracle Noodles and the rest of the really neat foods Rocco was showcasing.

What are Miracle Noodles?

Miracle Noodles are a completely gluten free pasta. They’re actually made from a type of yam and have been used in China and Japan for over two-thousand years. They’re called Moyu or Juruo in China, and Konnyaku or Shirataki in Japan.

They look similar to ramen or udon noodles, depending on which type you get and they come in a variety of pasta shapes, like fettuccine, angel hair and rotini. Unlike a lot of gluten free pasta, though, they’re really good for helping you to keep your carbs low and lose weight. This is because they’re made entirely of soluble fiber, specifically a type of fiber known as glucomannan.

Soluble Fiber and Glucomannan are Miracles, Too

If you’re not sure what soluble fiber actually is, it’s a type of fiber that absorbs water as it moves through your system. It’s not digestible, which is why these are completely calorie free noodles. However, because it absorbs so much water (up to 9 times its volume) it helps you to feel really full and satisfied. The Miracle Noodles website put it in a really easy to understand way:

“Soluble fiber acts to slow digestion. By doing this, it allows for the slower absorption of glucose and is the reason behind its beneficial effects in diabetes. The soluble fiber found in the Miracle Noodle slows digestion and prolongs the sensation of fullness and is an essential part of any weight loss program. You also absorb more nutrients in the foods you eat with The Miracle Noodle due to the slowing of digestion.”

The Scientific Community Weighs In

What the Miracle Noodles website says is backed up by a number of research studies into the effects of soluble fiber, glucomannan and Miracle Noodles themselves. Studies that show that Miracle Noodles can be great for weight loss and diabetes, but also cholesterol levels.

According to the National Institutes of Health, the department of Clinical Physiology and occupational Medicine at Orebro medical Centre in Sweden conducted a recent study on glucomannan and said, “The results of this study show that GM is an effective cholesterol-lowering dietary adjunct.”

On PubMed, they published a study by Cairella and Marchini of the University of Sapienza in Umberto, Italy. Here’s what they concluded about glucomannan and its effect on the body.

“The authors studied the behavior of body weight, blood glucose, total serum cholesterol, and hunger and satiety sensation in 30 patients treated for 60 days with a 1.200 kcal (5040 kj) diet plus either placebo or glucomannan. All the variables considered show that the low-calorie diet plus glucomannan is more effective than the low-calorie diet alone.”

Miracle Noodles are a Huge Help for Dieters

These aren’t just gluten free noodles; they’re carb free noodles and completely calorie free noodles. That means that even if you’re on a diet, you can enjoy your favorite pasta dishes without worrying about all those added calories and carb grams. Here’s a very good ABC news video that explains how Miracle Noodles and the soluble fiber they’re made from help you to lose weight.

Miracle Noodles Taste Wonderful and Are Easy to Use

Of course, it won’t matter a bit about carbs, calories, gluten or fiber if the taste isn’t there. As a pasta lover, I can tell you that these things are delicious and are so simple to prepare. You don’t actually cook them, they’re already cooked. You just open the package, rinse the noodles in cool water and put them into whatever you’re cooking or top them with a sauce or seasoning. I’ve used them in so many delicious dishes, such as:

  • Stir-fry dishes
  • Lo mein
  • Angel hair with pesto
  • Rotini with mushrooms and marinara
  • Thai soups
  • Miso soup

They really lend themselves well to Asian dishes, which is great for me, because I love Japanese and Thai food. You can put a handful of these into some broth or stock and create a really filling, but low-calorie soup. They take sauces really well and they’re even great with just a little olive oil, garlic, salt and pepper.

Where to Buy Miracle Noodles

buy Miracle Noodles straight from the Miracle Noodles website. I like to order from them because they have great service and a great price, and they also have a full money-back guarantee that’s good for 14 days. All you have to do is send the noodles back if you don’t like them or they’re damaged during shipping. They also take PayPal, which is my preferred method of payment. They take debit and credit cards, too and are completely secure.

Gluten Free NoodlesRight now is a great time to try Miracle Noodles, because they’re offering a variety pack now (pictured above, courtesy of the website) that will let you try three different flavors and styles of the noodles. You can read all the Miracle Noodles reviews in the world, but you really won’t know how great they are until you taste them.

At the site, you just add the noodles you want to your cart (they come in packages of ten), give them your payment and shipping information and they’ll have them to you in just a few days. You should also sign up for their email list – they’ll give you a couple of free weight loss and nutrition e-books that are really good.

Take advantage of the variety pack or just go ahead and order your favorite type of pasta. Either way, you’ll be thrilled, I promise you. They may be called Miracle Noodles, but they are not too good to be true.
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