Dr. Oz's Gluten Free EpisodeDr. Oz’ gluten free episode really created a stir when he announced his list of the 4 Biggest Dieting Mistakes. Here’s my take on it.

I’m a very enthusiastic follower of Dr. Oz. I love that he cuts through all of the hype and baloney and approaches everything with a physician’s sensibility.
I especially appreciate his approach to weight loss, which is always focused on natural foods and a healthy diet. Dr. Oz’ gluten free segment really hit home with a lot of people who thought they were dieting in a healthy way.

If you didn’t catch the episode I’m talking about, you can view it here. It’s just a little over five minutes and well worth watching. The purpose of the segment was to point out what Dr. Oz calls the 4 Biggest Dieting Mistakes women make. Some of those mistakes were a real surprise to a lot of people.

Mistake #1 – Eating Gluten Free

I was really surprised when this came up as #1 on Dr. Oz’ list of dieting mistakes, but I had to laugh when he said “It’s just one of those marketing things that drives me batty.” What’s the issue? “Highly processed foods with the gluten take out have problems with them” he explained. “Some of these gluten free foods are actually higher in calories, higher in fat and higher in sugar than regular foods are.”

This so hit home with me, because I get so frustrated when I see “Gluten free!” slapped on the front of a food that’s no healthier than a Twinkie. Being gluten free doesn’t necessarily make a food healthy, just free of gluten. You have to really hunt and do your research to find truly healthy gluten free foods, especially if you’re trying to lose weight.

One of my very favorite gluten free foods is Miracle Noodles. Believe it or not, they’re not only gluten free, they’re also guilt free. They have no calories, no carbs and are all natural. They also taste amazing. You can read my Miracle Noodle review if you’d like to learn more about them.

Mistake #2 – Eating Too Much Fruit

This one took me a little by surprise. I love fresh foods of all kinds, especially fruit. If you’re trying to lose weight, though, you need to watch the glycemic index of the fruit you’re eating.

According to Dr. Oz, the fiber in fruits like apples and pears helps prevent the sugars from being absorbed too quickly, but other fruits can be a real problem. “A few of these fruits (he mentioned melon, pineapple and dried fruits) cause more of a rise in your blood sugar than you would expect and that can cause weight gain,” he explained. “So when you’re dieting, you want to reduce the high-glycemic fruits.”

Mistake # 3 – Over-Relying on Protein Bars

I’m so glad that Dr. Oz had this one on his list. I’ve had trouble convincing people who love these bars that they’re not the healthiest choice for a protein snack.

As Dr. Oz put it, “A lot of the times, when they’re making these protein bars, they’re putting a lot of sugar in there and they’re packing it with calories, often fat calories. You don’t need that.”

I agree. I read a lot of labels and tried a lot of protein bars and was appalled when I looked at the amount of fat, sugar, calories, preservatives and other bad news on the labels.

I don’t eat protein bars at all. If I need a quick meal, usually in the mornings, I love to make shakes with Warrior Whey Protein Powder. I also keep little packets of ChocoWhey Nuggets with me all the time for a high-protein snack. It’s a guilt-free chocolate treat for me, but also incredibly healthy.

Mistake #4 – Drinking too Much Juice

I was so glad Dr. Oz mentioned this one. Like many women I know, the woman on the show thought she was doing the right thing by drinking fresh juice instead of pop. But as Dr. Oz pointed out, fruit juice contains a lot of sugar and a lot of calories. He suggests limiting it to eight ounces a day. Naturally, he suggests drinking water instead. By the way, for those of you who don’t like water, he has a great recipe for fruit-infused tisane on the video.

Even if you’re not on a diet, do watch the video for Dr. Oz’ gluten free alternatives to unhealthy gluten free foods.

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