Raw ShapmpooIt’s always nice to have gorgeous, shiny hair, but it’s especially important to pay attention to your hair care routine in the cold winter months when the air is drier and can sap the moisture right 0ut, leaving us with dry skin and dull hair that’s lackluster and brittle. Using a natural, raw shampoo is a great way to give your locks the nourishment they need.

You’ve probably also noticed that if you use the same hair products for awhile, they stop working as well. Then, as soon as you switch to a different formula – your hair suddenly springs back to life!

That’s exactly why I love the Morrocco Method 5 Elements Shampoo Pack. The set contains 5 different formulas that are designed to be used in rotation, so you get the benefits of switching up formulas to avoid build-up  Each one is also a completely nourishing and raw shampoo.

5 Raw Shampoo Formulas in One Kit!

The five formulas included in the Morrocco Method  are based off of the five traditional elements, each of which is appropriate for all hair types when used in rotation:

  • Pine Shale Shampoo
  • Apple Cider Vinegar Shampoo
  • Sea Essence Shampoo
  • Earth Essence Shampoo
  • Heavenly Chi Shampoo

The kit contains a full sized, 8 oz bottle of each raw shampoo. The shampoos are also color-safe and designed to restore the scalp and hair to a healthy pH. Each blend is effective for caring for a wide range of hair types and issues, including dryness, colored hair, split ends, and dandruff. They are all natural, toxin free, vegan, raw, and made completely with food-grade ingredients.

Multiple Uses Beyond Hair Care

I love products that I can get more than one use out of, which is why I was really happy to learn that these shampoos can be used for more than just hair care! The shampoos also serve well as a natural cleanser or shower gel. They can also be used for pets, as the all natural formula is completely safe for dogs and cats.

They can even be used as a laundry soap for delicate items that you wash by hand – the product is safe for silk and linen.
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Avoid the Chemicals Found in Other Shampoos

Most shampoos you’ll find in the average drug store beauty aisle these days have a cocktail of chemicals linked to health issues like cancer and respiratory ailments. Among the most common are artificial fragrances, which according to the Environmental Working Group’s database of cosmetic ingredients, www.ewg.org, should be avoided: “The word ‘fragrance’ or ‘parfum’ on the product label represents an undisclosed mixture of various scent chemicals and ingredients used as fragrance dispersants such as diethyl phthalate. Fragrance mixes have been associated with allergies, dermatitis, respiratory distress and potential effects on the reproductive system.”

Fortunately, the 5 formula set of shampoos from Morrocco Method does not contain artificial fragrances, as the makers have instead opted for natural, raw ingredients.

Some people have found this hair care system to be effective for promoting hair growth and thickening. It is also shown to address hair loss and scalp irritability caused by health issues like candida, lupus, and psoriasis. Since it’s gluten free, vegan, non-toxic and gentle yet nourishing, it’s a great option for the whole family, as well.

Give The Gift of Healthy Hair

You’ve probably caught on by now that these shampoos are versatile enough to work really well for just about anyone… that’s why this set would make a great gift! Even the vegans, raw food-ists, animal lovers, and gluten free friends will all be able to enjoy it, no matter what type of hair they might have.

raw shampooSo whether you’re looking for a new hair care system for yourself or for a loved one, the Morrocco Method set of of raw shampoos is a great choice that can help you achieve gorgeous, well-nourished and manageable hair.

Stop searching and get that “new product” hair every day with this rotating system of all natural, vegan, raw formulas. Buy it here today!

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