Box Spring or SlatsThere is an Irish proverb that states, “A good laugh and a long sleep are the best cures in a doctor’s book.” However if you are still debating whether to use a box spring or slats for support beneath your mattress, then you will need to make a decision before taking a long sleep.

This is a problem that I have struggled with for some time. Like many Americans, I grew up sleeping on a mattress supported by a box spring of equal thickness. Over time it began to show signs of wear, such as having lost its spring or failing to absorb movement.

The AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety in Washington, D.C. did a survey in the spring of 2010 in which 41% of drivers confessed to having dozed off while driving. 11% of those people admitted that it happened within the past year. The bottom line is that people are tired. (

The Importance of a Firm Sleep Surface

If you are anything like me, then by the end of a long, busy day you are ready to lie down in bed and rest your head upon the pillow. However it does little good to lie in bed from the time you go to bed until the time the alarm goes off in the morning if you don’t get enough rest.

For example, even when you employ the best tips for quality rest you could wake up feeling fatigued or suffering from low back pain or stiff joints. So how do you get the best rest while sleeping at night? The answer is mattress support.

One issue that people face today when buying a new bed is box springs or slats. Both have benefits. For example, a box spring will prevent premature mattress sagging. However here are some reasons that led me to choose the Organic Slat Foundation over a box spring.

  • Aesthetics – While comfort and support are important, the slats also continued the sleek, modern look that carries through not only my bedroom, but also the other rooms in my home.
  • Circulation – Because the slats allow air to circulate under my mattress, it reduces the chance of mold, mildew, and other musty scents. It also means less dander buildup from the dog that sleeps on the foot of my bed.
  • Cost-efficient – My Organic Slat Foundation from Green Nest was less expensive than a box spring, with all the same support for my lower back while sleeping.
  • Size Matters – Before, because of how low the box spring sat in relation to the floor, I had no under-bed storage space. With the slats, I am able to finally take advantage of those under-bed storage containers which frees up space in my closet.

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Bed Support without the Chemicals

For nearly 30 years, the American government has required mattress and box spring manufacturers to meet requirements that provide resistance to ignition from cigarettes. In turn, manufacturers treat the bedding with fire retardant chemicals.

Cheaply made box springs, as well as the mattresses that sit atop them, release VOCs (also known as volatile organic compound) such as formaldehyde or polyurethane that permeate the air. Even the cotton covers are treated with chemical-laden bleaches and dyes.

These chemicals also permeate human skin and are linked to health problems like endocrine disruption, respiratory problems, behavior issues in children, and certain types of cancer.

Organic Slat Foundations are green through their entire lifespan, from the wood base to the organic cotton cover. That is because Green Nest, the company that sells the slats, has searched the globe to find only the purest materials with which to create organic bedding.

A Slat Foundation for Every Mattress Size

Organic Slat Foundations are available in a wide array of sizes so that your entire family can enjoy the comfort and peace of mind that comes with eco friendly sleep support. Sizes available include:

  • TWIN 39” x 75”
  • TWIN-XL 39” x 80”
  • FULL 54” X 75”
  • QUEEN 60” X 80”
  • KING 76” X 80”

Box Spring or SlatsIf you still aren’t sure about whether or not an Organic Slat Foundation is right for your bed, why not head over to the Green Nest website? In addition to the extra information on the website, you can reach live support to get all your questions answered through email, telephone, or traditional mail.

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