BistroMD ReviewHealthy eating means selecting meals that include lots of fresh fruits and vegetables, whole grains and lean meats while avoiding foods that have a lot of salt, sugar or the wrong kind of fat. Of course, just selecting the meals is not enough, because you must also balance the variety of the foods you eat to get the maximum health benefits.

Of course, it would help to have a personal chef prepare and cook delicious, succulent, gourmet meals for you. As it turns out, you can! And it is more affordable than you might think. I have tried the meals available at BistroMD and it is just like having your own personal chef.

Each meal is customized to your liking. If you are a person that does not consume pork, then you can request to have your entrée prepared without pork. Gluten sensitivity? No problem! You can customize to avoid that ingredient as well. This is not an ordinary meal delivery program where everyone is required to follow the same menu.

What Sets Them Apart from Other Food Delivery Services?

The first thing that makes this program different from other meal replacement systems is that all the meals are designed by a doctor of nutrition. The second thing is that the doctor’s husband is the chef who oversees the preparation of the meals. And thirdly, a personal coach and dietitian are on board to assist you with any questions or problems you have along the way.

You can begin receiving support from these experts as soon as you order online or by calling 866-401-3438. Choose from the Women’s or Men’s program, and ask what other options are available! Then you can begin to customize your preferred ingredients so that the dietitians can prepare daily and weekly menus that you are sure to enjoy.

Bistro Meals Have Been All Over The Media

If you haven’t heard of BistroMD meals, you must not have been surfing the net, reading popular magazines or watching TV as often as you think. They have been written up in Health magazine, Living Well magazine, Huffpost Healthy Living and several other publications. They’ve been on several news shows too, and incidentally, they were even featured on the The Doctors, Dr. Phil and The Biggest Loser which is where I first heard about them.

Celebrity health guru Jillian Michaels was a guest on The Doctors show. Jillian and Dr. Travis Stork help Corey and Gena push through the difficulties to make the necessary changes to achieve health and wellness through hard work and healthy meals like you get from health meals delivered to your home.

You can watch the video clip for yourself and see what health meals delivered personally to you can do for you too.

My Experience

So far, I have been more than pleased with the program. One thing you should be aware of though, which I was not, is that I did not know one of the vegetable choices was brussel sprouts. Incidentally this was not a problem for me, because I rather enjoy any of the cruciferous vegetables! However, if you do not, then keep that fact in mind when customizing your meal plan.

You can continue to access the website to tweak your preferred ingredients list or change your menu preferences so that you are always in control of your menu requests. If you mistakenly selected brussels sprouts this week and did not care for them, then you can request not to have them in the weeks ahead.

Every entrée you eat that is part of this program is designed for maximum fat burning without the scrutiny of that 4-letter word, DIET. That’s because this is not a diet program. The goal of this program is to get you to make healthier eating choices – and the weight loss? Well, that’s just an added bonus!

REAL Delicious Food

Forget about weird-sounding concoctions with questionable ingredients. This program offers meals such as buckwheat berry pancakes, roasted Norwegian salmon, and chicken stuffed with spinach and feta cheese. If you think it sounds delicious, then as someone who has tried and enjoyed these meals let me assure you that each one is just as tasty as it sounds.

Meals are delivered a week at a time and each entrée is pre-cooked and frozen. Store the meals in your freezer and then microwave when you are ready to eat them. This makes it easy to stay on track if you have to eat lunch at your desk, or if you get home too late to prepare a full meal from scratch every night. I preferably like to thaw my meal out and heat it either on a cookie sheet in the oven or on the stove top  in stainless steal cookware.

The menu even has an optional snack program called EATS (Essential And Tasty Snacks). When you include snacks, your body works more efficiently. You may think the opposite to be the true, but this is not the case. As long as you make healthy choices regarding snacks, you can avoid adding inches to your hips and thighs.

Eat Your Way Thin!

You see, the assertion that one needs to count calories has been debunked by science. The source of your calories is more important than counting them! Eating the wrong kinds of calories is what piles on the extra pounds. This in turn causes us to diet which leads to questionable food choices. It is a rather unpleasant circle.

When you let a personal chef handle preparing your foods, even if they are prepared outside your home, frozen, and delivered to your front door, then you are on the right path to making healthier food choices. Don’t wait another minute to enjoy these delicious, healthy entrees! Click here to start Your Diet Today, and get free shipping on your first order ($24.95 value)!

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  1. Hello Carol,

    While I haven’t tried the Bistro Meals myself, I have a good friend who swears by them. I can’t wait to try them… Thank you for all the valuable information

    • Carol Newman says:

      Hi Michelle, I really do appreciate your thoughts. When you do get a chance to try the bistroMD meals, let me know what you think. The healthiness, taste and convenience makes it a perfect fit for a busy lifestyle.