itchy dry handsIn the August 2012 issue of Glamour magazine, American actress and musician Zooey Deschanel said, “I don’t like plain nails. I get sad.” I agree, but when I am suffering from itchy dry hands, the last thing on my mind is a manicure!

Every year I can tell when winter is truly here, and it has nothing to do with reading the Farmer’s Almanac or watching the Weather Channel on cable. The harsh winds and colder temperatures cause my skin to dry up and crack like clay soil in the desert.

Despite my best attempts at preventing dry skin it seems I cannot escape it. Staying indoors does little to help the situation. The dry air from the furnace and heat from the fireplace suck the moisture right out of my skin!

Get Your Wintertime Hands Ready for Summertime

It seems everyone has tips to help. Some are not very effective at all, while other did a great job of restoring my skin to its summertime softness. Here are some that I had success with, and some added information to help you get your hands ready for summer.

  • LUKEWARM WASHING – Exposing your skin to hot water, like in the shower, for a long period of time is a quick way to dry out your skin. Either shower in lukewarm water, or shorten the length of your hot shower. The same goes for hand washing and baths.
  • HUMIDIFIER – Have you ever noticed the skin of someone who spends too much time outdoors or in the tanning bed? It looks like leather! A little moisture in the air is necessary to hydrate and maintain soft, healthy skin.
  • SKIN MASK – Homemade face mask treatments also work for dry, chapped skin on the hands. Just mix up a batch and follow the same instructions for a portion of the cost and none of the chemicals associated with over the counter products.
  • CHAPSTICK – If you are in a pinch for a way to protect your hands from harsh, weather-related elements, rub a little Chapstick over your skin. While it is not recommended for long term use, it does offer an adequate, temporary fix.
  • EXFOLIATE – Exfoliating your face will remove debris like blackheads, dust from the air, and other things that try to call your skin home. The same goes for your hands. Moisturizer works better on skin that is well exfoliated over skin that is not.
  • MOISTURIZE – When your skin is dry, it will feel dry and taut and require some type of moisturizer. But over moisturizing can be as equally damaging as under moisturizing! Because there are so many tips regarding moisturizer, you can read more about it below.

The Importance of Moisturizing

Skin is only about 2mm thick so from our foreheads to the heels of our feet keeping it moist is important ( When our skin is soft and supple, it does a better job of keeping moisture in while releasing impurities through sweating during exercise.

My favorite product for moisturizing skin is E3Live Tamera Earth’s Essential Cream, from the Live Super Foods website. Made from natural oils, beeswax, and other gluten-free ingredients, it is the best way to heal itchy dry hands, calloused heels and elbows, and other skin problems.

As one reviewer stated: I’ve used this for about a week on my face and neck and it is really nice. Goes on a little on the oily side but soaks in almost immediately and leaves my skin silky feeling. My skin feels supple in the morning and my laugh lines softened. A little goes a long way.

The reviewer stated that she planned to use it on her cuticles next, but I can tell you that it really works! The last time I went for a manicure the stylist had to do very little to my cuticles thanks to E3Live Tamera Earth’s Essential Cream.

Don’t spend another season looking for fads or trying old wives’ tales to heal your itchy dry hands. Click here now to make an investment in better skin health by ordering your own container of Earth’s Essential Cream.

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