best e-gift cardComedic writer Erma Bombeck once jested, “Guilt: the gift that keeps on giving.” But if you’ve ever forgotten your mother-in-law’s birthday, you know there is as much truth as amusement to that statement.

This is where the best e-gift card can help!

Today’s world is so busy. Forgetting to buy a gift is not uncommon. I cannot tell you how many times I have left early on the way to a party or celebration to pick up a last-minute present, as well as a gift bag so it doesn’t look like a last minute gift. Here’s a way that you can avoid that situation all together, or at least stop you from having to make the last minute trip to the gift shop on the way to your destination. 

Paper or Plastic?

The question “Paper or Plastic?” doesn’t just apply to how you bring your groceries home, or how you pay for them. It also applies to what types of gifts you give – especially when the gift is some type of certificate or coupon that the recipient can redeem at a later time.

In recent years I have given up buying gifts completely. As children get older it’s difficult to know what their likes are, and the adults I know prefer choosing for themselves. But that doesn’t mean I leave my loved ones without some kind of a present.

Now instead of stopping off at the last minute for a gift that’s hit or miss, I keep a few of the best e-gift cards on hand. And from talking to my friends, neighbors, and co-workers, I am not alone!

According to a document published by the American Economic Association, gift card sales rose from 37 billion in 2002 to an estimated 80 billion in 2007. If the total doubled in that five year period, one can only guess the staggering totals five years later in 2012.

Benefits of E-Gift Cards

Believe it or not, giving e-gift cards as presents offer a lot more benefits than going to a retail store and selecting something. And the benefits not only provide you with advantages, but they also help the retailers, too!

Merchant benefits include:

  • Increased sales when the purchaser buys the gift cards for their friends and family members, and because the recipient may buy more than the value of the card.
  • Some gift cards gain interest for the retailer from the point of purchase until the time that the customer uses it. However, this is at a disadvantage to the consumer.
  • Increased customer loyalty when the recipient of the gift card visits the retailer to redeem the card value.
  • Because they require activation in order for use, there is less chance that a gift card will be stolen or used in some other fraudulent way.

Consumer benefits include:

  • Because there is hardly anyone who does not like getting a gift card, you do not have to waste a lot of time searching for that perfect gift. The best e-gift cards are the best gifts!
  • Gift cards are convenient. You can use them any time, often at multiple brick and mortar locations for that retailer, or use them online.
  • Because the gift card is pre-paid, the person you give the card has control over when they want to use it, how they want to use it, and where they want to use it.

The Advantage of E-Gift Cards over Plastic

E-gift cards have even more benefits. There is no plastic that gets thrown into the garbage which ends up at the landfill. Most come with some kind of email confirmation that has all pertinent information. As long as you save the email, you have the details.

One of my favorites to give to friends and family is the Green Nest Gift Card. I’m not only giving them a gift card, but I’m also helping them to lower their carbon footprint with everything from dry cleaning alternatives to ecofriendly furniture.

Like other retailers, Green Nest offers e-gift cards in varying amounts. If you do not use the whole value in one order, then the balance carries over to a future order. And because you receive a special code instead of a paper copy, you can buy gift cards without paying extra for shipping.

Every member of your family can benefit from the gift of better health. Click here to find out how you can send them the best e-gift cards that Green Nest has to offer.

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