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In this episode of the BioGirl Health Show, Carol and host Michelle Ward discuss walking for the heart.

How Walking Can Affect Your Health

The episode kicks off with a discussion about the health benefits of walking, especially in regards to how it affects cardiovascular health. During the episode some of the other topics that Michelle and Carol cover include:

  • how to walk as a method of physical fitness
  • some easy way to increase daily walking
  • benefits of walking versus running for fitness
  • and so much more!

How to Get Motivated to Walk More Often

After the long winter many across North America just endured, lots of people are getting outside. Carol shares studies that will also inspire you to get away from the computer and on your feet.

Carol and Michelle wrap up the podcast by discussing some of the negative side effects that technology often has on our health when we overuse it, and how walking can help overcome those ramifications..

Listen now to the entire episode and if you know someone else who could benefit from hearing it, then please share it with them!

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