green ideas for kidsIt is important to take measures to protect the environment so that it will be here for future generations. One of those measures is using green ideas for kids to teach children how to care for our planet sooner than later.

American advice columnist Ann Landers one shared, “It is not what you do for your children, but what you have taught them to do for themselves, that will make them successful human beings.”

Teaching Green Habits to Tomorrows’ Leaders

The children of today are the leaders of tomorrow. Whether they lead a large corporation of people, or just lead their own family, they will be responsible for setting an example for their own future generations.

Children can establish environmentally-friendly habits at a very young age, especially when their parents and guardians set good examples! Don’t just practice eco-friendly habits, though. Explain what you’re doing, and why you are doing it, to make a deeper impression.

When your child develops eco-friendly habits, they are adopting a lifestyle that will last them for many years to come. Here are some easy ways to teach your children how to be more conscious of how their actions affect the earth and those who inhabit it.

  • CLEAN UP – Turn your family into a lean, green, cleaning machine when you tackle household chores with earth-friendly cleaners. A clean house promotes a healthier atmosphere, while clean bedrooms will have everyone sleeping better at night.
  • SAVE ELECTRICITY – Turning off the lights and television when you leave a room, grabbing a sweater instead of turning up the heat or opening a window instead of turning on the air conditioning, and choosing a snack from the pantry instead of standing with the fridge door open all save energy – and money on your energy bill!
  • CONSERVE WATER – Leaving the faucet run while brushing our teeth can add up to 1.5 gallons of water per minute, if not more. If you live in an urban area, then you are not only using excess resources and energy, but you are also raising your water bill.
  • COMPOST THE TRASH – Composting fertilizer for your garden is a great way to reduce the amount of trash your family sends to the landfill. It is also a great way to teach children the difference between what is biodegradable, recyclable, or just plain trash.
  • GROW FOODGrowing your own food has so many benefits! And you can grow your family closer together when you harken back to activities your grandparents and their parents did together – vegetable gardening.
  • RECYCLE – Too many families around the world are still living with the mindset that the Earth is a bottomless pit of disposable resources. Whenever possible, recycle instead of using the trash. Better yet – before throwing something away look for a way to upcycle it into a new treasure.

Earth Day Every Day

You don’t have to wait for the third week in April to celebrate Earth Day. You can start celebrating right now! Curbing your family’s use of disposable items like paper plates and cups or plastic utensils, paper napkins, and Styrofoam products send less waste to the landfills.

An easy way to save energy is to have fun at home whenever possible. Unless your car runs on an earth-friendly biofuel, combine your errands and do them in geographic order to avoid excess driving.

Staying home requires more ways to stay entertained. A deck of cards, pair of dice, or a family board game can provide hours of fun. Parents of children who enjoy playing video games should consider purchasing the digital version rather than hard copies.

You’re Never Too Young to Go Green

miYim_giftset_thumbEven infants can get in on the green bandwagon when their parents treat them to organic baby items. Take for instance the Infant Gift Set at Green Nest. It includes a baby cloth, teether, and rattle toy, all made from organic cotton and natural dyes.

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