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In this episode of the BioGirl Health Show, Carol and host Kimberly Henrie talk about the advantages of staying hydrated, and all of the healthy benefits you could enjoy just by drinking enough water.

Facts about the Water and Hydration

The episode kicks off with a discussion about why we can’t live without water. In addition to sharing some facts about water, she also talks about the following:

  • why the earth contains so much water
  • chemical properties of drinking water
  • how drinking water affects your health
  • and much more!

Then Carol shares all the ways she’s used or consumed water so far throughout the day. She also gives examples of some of the other ways that you hydrate your body without even thinking about it, and the adverse effects on not getting enough water.

The Many Properties of Water

Next the discussion turns to ways that we use water that have nothing to do with our health. The examples that Carol gives include ones on personal, community, and global levels. Kimberly chimes in with one of her favorite situations for using water to stay hydrated, too.

The episode wraps up with Carol sharing some properties of water. She goes on to explain some of the properties of water, pulling examples from both scientific and Biblical resources.

Listen now to the entire episode and if you know someone else who could benefit from hearing it, then please share it with them!

About Carol Newman

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