Baby Safe Sleeping – Choosing an Organic Baby Crib MattressCreating an eco-friendly home can be all encompassing, especially when you find out that you are having a baby. A baby brings with it a lot of responsibility, including keeping them safe from chemicals and toxins that are harmful to their health, as well as to the environment.

Finding the right products for your new little one, from the organic baby crib mattress to the best baby care products, is very important. That is why you want to be sure that you take the time to learn more about what is available to find the environmentally and baby friendly things that you are looking for.

Where do you need to start in your search?

Doing Your Research

When you are trying to determine what type of baby crib mattress that you want to purchase, you want to consider a couple of different things. One is the material(s) that are used. Mattresses are not all the same and are not made of the same materials. You can choose from innerspring and foam core crib mattresses for babies. The key is to find the ones that are made in the most eco-friendly manner and with the safest of materials. Research on the Internet to find the materials that you are most comfortable with and that you want your baby to sleep on.

At, you will find all different sorts of eco-friendly products, from organic baby crib mattresses to baby bottles to other organic baby products that will allow you to offer your baby the safest of products. A baby is very precious, so you want to be sure that everything that your baby lays on, wears, and puts in their mouth is as safe and healthy as possible.

Think About Your Needs

When you have a baby, you may not know what type of allergies they have or if they are going to develop any at all. That is why it is so important to think about this when you are getting their room ready, as well as buying things that you are going to use to take care of them.

Why choose a crib mattress organic selection? Studies have found that exposure to a toxic chemical can cause a sensitivity. says that “often a single gross exposure or repeated exposures to one toxin which thereafter produces a true allergic reaction on repeated exposure to the same toxin. This is a true allergy otherwise known as “sensitization”.” That is why you want to be careful in exposing your new little one to as few chemicals as possible.

Regular baby mattresses may contain toxic materials that can lead to a plethora of health problems. One study says, “The results of the study demonstrated that some crib mattresses emitted mixtures of chemicals capable of causing respiratory-tract irritation and generating combinations of SI [sensory irritation], PI [pulmonary irritation] and AFL [airflow limitation]… chemicals… involved in the manufacture of the mattress and cover… have toxic properties… to lung, liver, and brain… respiratory tract irritants… carcinogenic and neurotoxic…” . An organic crib mattress can ensure that your baby does not come into contact with these chemicals.

Statistics have found that babies spend anywhere from 50 to 70% of their time on their mattress. This means that they are exposed to and are breathing in whatever materials are in the mattress for a majority of their day. When you think about this, it is clear to see how important the crib mattress that you choose can be. By choosing an organic mattress for baby, you can cut out their long-term exposure to chemicals and toxins, at least from their very first sleeping surface.

The Choices

Just as with baby crib mattresses, an organic baby mattress comes in a couple of different types. The innerspring and the foam core are the two that are offered on What are the pros and cons of each one?

  • Natural Rubber Crib Mattress – The Natural Rubber organic mattress for baby features an all-natural rubber core that is surrounded by quilted layers of wool and covered in organic cotton. These materials are environmentally friendly and all-natural to help prevent exposure to any man made chemicals or toxins. The materials are also naturally resistant to moisture and are naturally hypo-allergenic and antibacterial.
  • Innerspring Crib Mattress – Traditional Bonnell style coils are covered with quilted layers of organic cotton and wool. These natural materials are tufted to give the baby a firm organic mattress for baby. In addition, coils are not treated with chemicals or oils, which ensure that it is an all-natural sleeping surface for your baby that will not expose them to harmful toxins or chemicals that may cause issues later in their life.

The pros are the all-natural, environmentally friendly materials that are used in the construction of the organic crib mattresses. Other materials that are found in typical mattresses are manmade materials that are full of toxins and chemicals. That is why you want to choose a crib mattress that is made of natural materials that come from the earth, rather than those that take chemicals to create. offers you a product you can trust.

No amount of money is too much to spend on keeping your child healthy, but you will see a noticeable difference in the price when you compare the eco-friendly mattress with the typical baby mattresses that you find at your local baby store. An organic mattress will cost you $400 to $500, but when you consider the amount of time that your baby will spend on that mattress, it is well worth it in the additional health benefits.

Buying a Mattress

Ordering online is the easiest way to get your organic baby crib mattress. has great customer service, as evidenced by the many great reviews. That is something that is truly hard to find in the Internet world, so when you find a site that cares about their customers, it is one that you will want to stick with and order from again. Here are a few reviews from the site:

  • Bill C. says, “”Thank you very much for your prompt help with this-your customer service has gone a long way in making me permanent customer-thanks again.”

As you can see, they are serious about their customer service.

Home delivery makes getting your mattress easy. You don’t have to worry about whether it will fit into your car or automobile. You just wait on it to be delivered, take it into your home, and put it in the crib. It could not be easier or simpler. Unopened mattresses can be returned to the company, but there will be a 25% restocking fee. If it is damaged or defective, notify their customer service department and they will gladly help you to get another mattress on the way and help you in the return process.

Keeping Your Baby Safe

Your goal is to keep your baby as safe as possible, and, hopefully, help keep them from having chemical sensitivities later in their life. This means that you want to start them off on the healthiest sleeping surface possible. An organic baby crib mattress can give you that peace of mind that you are doing everything possible to give your baby a safe and all-natural sleeping surface. If you are expecting a baby, go to today and place your order. You will sleep better and so will they.

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