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In this episode of the BioGirl Health Show, your host Carol interviews special guest Dr. Samantha Graber, founder of ROXO Wellness in Gulf Breeze, Florida about the beauty of strength training.

How Dr. Sam’s Program Benefits Women Over Forty

After a review of Dr. Sam’s credentials and areas of expertise, the discussion kicks off with a chat about strength training for women over forty. Dr. Sam shares the program she uses in her office, which is also in use across the country. During the podcast she also talks about the following:

  • what the Surgeon General system says about strength training
  • how strength training can help prevent effects of osteoporosis
  • what sets Dr. Sam’s program apart from ones like CrossFit
  • and much more!

Then Dr. Sam goes on to describe the different exercises that are used in her program. She defines examples of how these exercises build muscle and strengthen bones in regards to specific areas of the body.

Why Choose an Adaptable Program for Strength Training

Next the discussion turns to biomechanics of Dr. Sam’s program. She also illustrates ways how the program adapts to meet the needs of your body, versus throwing you into a sink-or-swim environment at a gym.

The episode wraps up with a talk about why humans need protein and how it affects strength training. Dr. Sam also shares a tagline that can help you stay focused as you make day-to-day decisions that potentially affect your health.

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