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In this episode of the BioGirl Health Show, your host Kimberly Henrie talks with Carol, about the sun. They discuss problems with sunscreen, and some of the benefits you might receive from getting out in the sun every day.

How Sun Benefits the Human Body

The episode kicks off with an update from the last time Kimberly was on the show. The conversation then turns to the weather, and the dangers of going outside without protecting your skin. During the podcast they discuss the answers to these and other questions:

  • Don’t we need sunshine to get Vitamin D?
  • When is the best time to go outside in the sun?
  • Is it okay to skip sunscreen on cloudy days?
  • and much more!

Then Carol segues into the topic of how some personal habits and traits can affect the amount of Vitamin D you get from the sun. She and Kimberly also share personal examples of how these things impact the benefits they get from the sun.

Which Sunscreens to Avoid

Next the discussion turns sunscreen. Carol explains which ingredients in sunscreens you should avoid and which natural ones are safest, how to choose a sunscreen that offers the most benefits, and where to find a sunscreen that falls into this category.

The episode wraps up with some of Carol’s recommendations for protecting yourself while outside in the sun based on her own habits. And as always, she closes out the edition with a Pearl of Wisdom to encourage listeners.

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