Green Home FurnitureWhat images are conjured up when you hear the phrase “eco-friendly furniture? “ Angular wood furniture? Couch cushions lovingly and magically crafted from newspapers?  Or maybe when you think of green home furniture, you imagine modern looking rubber furniture that almost looks like it’s from the future!

The truth is, there are a lot of different types of furniture that you can choose for your home that is green, sustainable, and eco-friendly. [Read more…]

Reduce TrashPaper towels, coffee filters, plastic water bottles… when you stop to think about it there are a lot of items in the average person’s routine that simply get thrown away after one use. This seems to be especially true for those who are often on the go. If you want to lower your carbon footprint, one way to do so is to reduce trash output in your home. [Read more…]

best sheets everAmerican actress Vivien Leigh once said, “I need something truly beautiful to look at in hotel rooms.” Not me – I just need clean bedding. That’s right! Just give me a down-filled pillow and duvet and the best sheets ever, and I’ll sleep like a baby every time.

The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics reported that in 2008, Americans were taking an average of between 8 and 11 paid holidays per year, in the form of vacation, sick leave, or personal time.  [Read more…]

Despite how easy celebrities make it look on late-night infomercials, it’s hard to imagine sipping on nutritious smoothies to whittle your waist and to shrink away the pounds. The phrase delicious, nutritious shake seems a direct contradiction to sexy new swimsuit.

If you’re like me, then maybe you nibbled too many sweets over the holidays. Then maybe you snacked too much through the snow days while working from home. And now even your loosest skinny jeans are feeling a bit TOO snug for comfort. [Read more…]

healthy raw dietAmerican essayist and poet Ralph Waldo Emerson once wrote, “Adopt the pace of nature: her secret is patience.” There are few things more natural than a healthy raw diet, but the thought of starting one can be downright intimidating!

There are so many forms of dieting available to people today, from gluten free diets that avoid foods and other products containing gluten to ketogenic diets which has proven to stop seizures in children. [Read more…]

sleepless babyAmerican author H. Jackson Brown, Jr. wrote, “Always kiss your children goodnight – even if they’re already asleep.” Easier said than done if you have a sleepless baby!

According to Cry-Sis, a British site for parents of newborns there are no hard and fast rules for how much a baby should sleep ( But it is really rare for a baby to come home from the hospital and begin sleeping through the night right away.

Newborns are used to getting an immediate response to basic needs like nourishment from things like a healthy diet and prenatal vitamins in the womb. So it is only natural that upon birth, they need food and attention more often than an older child. [Read more…]

foods that make you look youngerIt might be hard to believe that there are foods that make you look younger. But superfoods filled with antioxidants, fiber, and essential fatty acids can do just that!

These foods not only make you look younger, but they also make you feel great. It’s never too late to start making healthier food choices, but sometimes a well-balanced diet that covers the food groups isn’t simply enough.

Superfoods can fall into any food group, and adding them to the foods and meals that you eat every day is one of the easiest things to do. This makes it so easy to get all the nutrients you need, without resulting to that horrible 4-letter word, D I E T. [Read more…]

shakes to replace mealsTelevision personality Joan Rivers once said, “Diets, like clothes, should be tailored to you.” That’s very true, especially if you’re planning to use shakes to replace meals. While there is no one diet fits all plan, Vega One Nutritional Shakes are for everyone!

Maybe you indulged too much over the holidays. Or perhaps you can’t bring yourself to leave the warm cocoon of your bed to brave the chilly winter weather for an early morning trip to the gym. Whatever the reason, it’s showing.

With swimsuit season on the heels of springtime, which is right around the corner, you have plenty of time to tackle those extra pounds. While nutritionists prefer that people balance a well-balanced, healthy diet with exercise to lose weight, that’s not always possible. [Read more…]

Hydrate Your SkinFrom birth to age puberty, I was a regular tomboy who climbed trees and caught frogs. I played outside for long hours without sunscreen, and subjects like how to hydrate your skin were the last ones on my mind.

Now that I’m older, I’m paying the price. Although Marilyn Monroe once said that imperfection is beauty, that’s little consolation when I look in the mirror. Fortunately I’ve found one product to help restore my dry, sensitive skin to its youthful state.

Being specially made with dry and sensitive skin in mind, the Pangea Organics Discovery Kit provides your skin with the upmost moisture and hydration. The kit is made with only the best nutrients and botanicals. [Read more…]

How to have healthier hairFormer Olympic athlete and fashion model Ivana Trump once said that, “Gorgeous hair is the best revenge.” It’s true. When exploring how to have healthier hair, women throughout history have tried everything from boiled animal parts to fresh fruit pastes.

Unfortunately health and beauty products contain harsh chemicals that do more harm to our bodies than good to our hair. For example synthetic colors led a prettier hue to the products, but are pretty colors worth the risk of skin, nerve, and allergy problems?

Sodium laurel sulfate is another popular chemical used in shampoos thanks to its low cost and ability to create suds. However the chemical is linked to cataracts through skin absorption – even when it never comes into contact with the eyes. [Read more…]