Dr. Oz Cleanse ReviewIt is that time of year to do your spring cleaning or spring cleansing. Have you ever done a detox program? I just completed one. Which one you ask? The Dr. Oz 3-Day Cleanse. I presumed that drinking my meals for three days would give my digestive system a break as well as flush out any toxins.

To start with, I am extremely healthy in regards to physical activity and what types of food I consume. I figured this would go very smoothly. Everything sounded good, all the ingredients in the recipe for the juices I eat regularly. What did I have to lose? Did you say weight? Oh yeah, that was one of the primary outcomes of the Dr. Oz 3-Day Cleanse. Incidentally, my main reason for the Dr. Oz 3-Day Cleanse was to detox and cleanse. Thankfully, I do not have any weight to lose. This is what transpired. [Read more…]

Carol Newman strives to make every day as healthy and organic as possible. She welcomes chances to educate others about how they can also gain the highest potential for energy and vitality in their own lives through lifestyle changes like cleansing toxins, eating organically, and keeping a positive focus.
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Dr. Oz's Gluten Free EpisodeDr. Oz’ gluten free episode really created a stir when he announced his list of the 4 Biggest Dieting Mistakes. Here’s my take on it.

I’m a very enthusiastic follower of Dr. Oz. I love that he cuts through all of the hype and baloney and approaches everything with a physician’s sensibility.
I especially appreciate his approach to weight loss, which is always focused on natural foods and a healthy diet. Dr. Oz’ gluten free segment really hit home with a lot of people who thought they were dieting in a healthy way. [Read more…]