Healthy Eating Recipes - Southwestern Black Bean & Quinoa Salad

Healthy Eating Recipes – Southwestern Black Bean & Quinoa Salad

Black beans are legumes that are very economical and easy to prepare, which makes them a main staple in the diets of many. These tasty legumes are not only high in protein, but they are also a fiber-rich food. This helps you stay full longer and keeps energy up without the energy crash that is often accompanied by over-processed foods. This is why I have made it part of one of my healthy eating recipes.

The black bean can even boast [Read more…]

Family playing with soccer ballAmerican former professional basketball Michael Jordan advised, “Just play. Have fun. Enjoy the game.” Beyond winning or losing, staying in shape, or any other reason for playing sports, having fun should be your number one goal. When it stops being fun, then it is time to move on to something else.

The Physical Health Benefits of Playing Sports

Some of the physical health benefits of playing a sport are so obvious, even to a part time couch potato like me! Because playing most sports encourages physical activity, it promotes healthy bone structure, stronger heart and lung functions, and better motor and cognitive skills.

Not all sports that help you stay healthy require being part of a team or league. Whether the person is a young child kicking a soccer ball in the backyard [Read more…]