Healthy Eating Recipes - Dark Chocolate Chunk Cookies

Healthy Eating Recipes – Dark Chocolate Chunk Cookies

Valentines’s Day is over, but you do not have to leave the chocolate behind. Thankfully, chocolate is not reserved only for Valentine’s. My Healthy Eating Recipes – Dark Chocolate Chunk Cookies are sure to become one of your indulgent, healthy recipes to be enjoyed all-year long. If you typically buy

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BioGirl Healths Berry Nut Healthy Trail Mix RecipeNow that school is in full swing, kids are coming home ravenous after a long, grueling day of learning. Ahh! But do I have a sure-fire, bio-stupendous [Read more…]

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home juicer recipesDespite catchphrases like lazy days of summer, this season is one of the busiest times of year for families. We often fall into the convenience of eating in restaurants, fast food or otherwise. But some home juicer recipes offer quick and easy ways to eat at home!

Although it is tempting to stop off at the drive through window and have someone hand you a bag of food in disposable containers which doesn’t require you having to either cook or clean up afterwards, this only robs your family budget and packs on calories. [Read more…]