good food for skin and hairAward winning writer and performer Boonaa Mohammed once penned the question, “If the whole world was blind, how many people would you impress?” This type of thinking reinforces the fact that good food for skin and hair promotes well-being from the inside out.

Instead of running to the store for the latest trendy product endorsed by some celebrity who is past their prime or from some corner of the globe that you’ve never heard of, embrace your inner organic lifestyle and look no farther than your very own kitchen. [Read more…]

How to have healthier hairFormer Olympic athlete and fashion model Ivana Trump once said that, “Gorgeous hair is the best revenge.” It’s true. When exploring how to have healthier hair, women throughout history have tried everything from boiled animal parts to fresh fruit pastes.

Unfortunately health and beauty products contain harsh chemicals that do more harm to our bodies than good to our hair. For example synthetic colors led a prettier hue to the products, but are pretty colors worth the risk of skin, nerve, and allergy problems?

Sodium laurel sulfate is another popular chemical used in shampoos thanks to its low cost and ability to create suds. However the chemical is linked to cataracts through skin absorption – even when it never comes into contact with the eyes. [Read more…]

Raw ShapmpooIt’s always nice to have gorgeous, shiny hair, but it’s especially important to pay attention to your hair care routine in the cold winter months when the air is drier and can sap the moisture right 0ut, leaving us with dry skin and dull hair that’s lackluster and brittle. Using a natural, raw shampoo is a great way to give your locks the nourishment they need.

You’ve probably also noticed that if you use the same hair products for awhile, they stop working as well. Then, as soon as you switch to a different formula – your hair suddenly springs back to life!

That’s exactly why I love the Morrocco Method 5 Elements Shampoo Pack. The set contains 5 different formulas that are designed to be used in rotation, so you get the benefits of switching up formulas to avoid build-up  Each one is also a completely nourishing and raw shampoo. [Read more…]