Weight Loss Tea - Chai Tea Recipe

Weight Loss Tea – Chai Tea Recipe

When you think of something soothing to drink, do you think of a nice steaming, hot cup of your favorite brewed tea? Thoughts of chamomile comes to mind to help the body and mind relax. Besides being a comfort beverage, many teas have been used as a weight loss tea.

This delicious chai tea recipe contains various kinds of spices to give a wonderfully sweet-scented, spicy aroma and a flavor that will satisfy your taste buds. By themselves, these spices [Read more…]

Biogirl Health's Raw Milk Kefir Recipe“Did you know that there is a legend about kefir grains?” “This legend began in the native land where kefir grains are originated, the Caucasus Mountains.” “According to folklore, the kefir grains were given as a gift to the Orthodox Christians from the Prophet Mohammed.”

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It is a sight to behold and a delight for an avid painter to capture the essence of the season on canvas. [Read more…]

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Carol Newman believes in following a natural, organic lifestyle to get all of the energy and vitality needed to enjoy everything life has to offer! Each week during the BioGirl Health Show, Carol teaches how to keep your body healthy inside and out. [Read more…]

Raw Parsley Salad - Tabbouleh StyleRaw foods are one of the healthiest things you can add to your diet. Here is a scrumptious Raw Parsley Salad  Recipe – Tabbouleh Style to tantalize your taste buds. Use the recipe as is or even try your own variations.This Raw Parsley Salad Recipe  – Tabbouleh Style is chock full of vitamins, fiber and healthy fat and is gluten free. [Read more…]