Morrocco methodFor men and women hair loss is not a desired trait. I, for one, can testify to that. Not too long ago, after finishing a stressful time completing my degree in Vascular Ultrasound and passing the required state registry in physics and practical application, I experienced what is known as post-traumatic stress.

One of the physical conditions I was stricken with was continued hair loss. Every day I was noticing abnormal amounts of hair while wet combing. My hair was becoming thinner and thinner. Along with taking a quality vitamin supplement, I decided to use [Read more…]

How to have healthier hairFormer Olympic athlete and fashion model Ivana Trump once said that, “Gorgeous hair is the best revenge.” It’s true. When exploring how to have healthier hair, women throughout history have tried everything from boiled animal parts to fresh fruit pastes.

Unfortunately health and beauty products contain harsh chemicals that do more harm to our bodies than good to our hair. For example synthetic colors led a prettier hue to the products, but are pretty colors worth the risk of skin, nerve, and allergy problems?

Sodium laurel sulfate is another popular chemical used in shampoos thanks to its low cost and ability to create suds. However the chemical is linked to cataracts through skin absorption – even when it never comes into contact with the eyes. [Read more…]