Carol Newman believes in following a natural, organic lifestyle to get the energy and vitality needed to enjoy all of life’s possibilities. Each week during the BioGirl Health Show, Carol teaches you how to keep your body healthy inside and out. Today’s topic covers how to do that with delicious, healthy smoothies!

In this episode of the BioGirl Health Show, Carol and host Kimberly Henrie welcome Dr. Mike Tremba from The trio discusses protein powders and smoothies, and how to use them to both lose weight and stay healthy. [Read more…]

Everyone has those days where they feel they don’t even have time to eat; don’t let yourself go hungry! Here’s the the recipe for the “Coo Coo for Cacao Coconut Smoothie” a very tasty meal that you can make on the fly.

Moreover, now that the weather is getting warmer, you will find the frozen smoothie quite enjoyable, satisfying and refreshing from the heat. [Read more…]

shakes to replace mealsTelevision personality Joan Rivers once said, “Diets, like clothes, should be tailored to you.” That’s very true, especially if you’re planning to use shakes to replace meals. While there is no one diet fits all plan, Vega One Nutritional Shakes are for everyone!

Maybe you indulged too much over the holidays. Or perhaps you can’t bring yourself to leave the warm cocoon of your bed to brave the chilly winter weather for an early morning trip to the gym. Whatever the reason, it’s showing.

With swimsuit season on the heels of springtime, which is right around the corner, you have plenty of time to tackle those extra pounds. While nutritionists prefer that people balance a well-balanced, healthy diet with exercise to lose weight, that’s not always possible. [Read more…]